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Too Many or Too Few?

Do you write one story at a time, focusing all your time and effort on that one story or do you like to write two or three (or even more) at once? Is one or the other the ‘right’ way to go?

I usually have a few story ideas bouncing around in my mind when I choose one and decide to have a go with it. That doesn’t mean I ignore the other ideas. Note cards are oh so useful that way. I’ll write down all the ideas and go with one from there.

However, does that mean I’ll stick with that one? Not necessarily. I might switch around a few times before I really settle down into one story. The settling down process could see me with many pages written/typed in each story idea or just leaving the other note cards in my idea drawer. It all depends on the story.

When I was younger and always “busy” with everything in my life, I often kept about five stories going. I didn’t really stop any to finish one so much as I paused with others for a brief amount of time.

Is writing more than one story the makings of foolishness? I don’t think so.

Obviously when you start narrowing down to the end of one story and then get into the first edit, you should probably focus on one story. That way you don’t get mixed up or confused in any way. As for just the writing of the first draft…

…why not? If you can keep everything straight, then go for it.

Do you focus on one or many when you write?

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