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The Dreaded Rewrites…

With all class-related things taken care of and Christmas only starting to ramp up, I find myself in a time gap where I can finally dig into my edits.

Editing is something I have always loved. Whether I was looking over someone’s essay for class or tearing apart my carefully constructed novel, I almost always had editing on the brain. Now I find my love is still here, but the amount of editing I have to do in Fading Echoes is intimidating.

The novel topped out at a few thousand words short of 120,000 words, and a large amount of that needs to be rewritten. For the better, of course. A better ending that gives the hero, Adam, more time to shine – and gives the villain more time as well. But even knowing that the rewrite will be beneficial doesn’t change the fact that I will be changing my ‘darling’.

That’s the way it works. Even when I rewrite and edit again, there will be more changes to be made under the eyes of a professional editor. Such is the writer’s life…

Is anyone else out there editing right now? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

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