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Thank You!

This is a page of gratitude straight from me to the people who helped me bring Fading Echoes and Dark Echoes to print. I cannot express my gratitude enough for each and every person who has made a contribution.

Bernie Lake
Dave Wilkinson
J. W. Nicklaus –
Jackie Rozenfeld
Angela Hansen
Carol Jackson
Missy Moke
Scartlett Rugers –
Cheryl Malandrinos –, The Busy Mom’s Daily
Dark Rune Creations (Jade Zivanovic) –
Figment Friendly Editing –
Kaylene Virgei
Jenera Healy
Bic Smith
Jade Zivanovic
Vanessa Leavitt
Jara Markey-Godden
Rebecca Camarena
Andrew Campbell
Tiffany Millin
David Wilkinson
Anna Gullan
Jessica Jennings
Gerard Willcocks
Janene Godden
Luke Poulter
Phoebe Ward
Virginia Drinis
Danielle Scanlon
Laura Binek

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