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So You Want to Write a Guest Post: An Author’s Guide to Promoting with Guest Blogging

The publishing world keeps on changing and, now more than ever, it is important for authors to have a presence on the internet. But where do you start? So You Want to Write a Guest Post is an easy to follow guide that will help you connect to bloggers and to write guest posts that get potential readers interested in your book.

Inside you will find:

So You Want to Write a Guest Post
*Guest Post Promotions
*Why I Wrote This eBook
*What You Will Find in This eBook
*A Note

Why Guest Post?
*The Purpose of Guest Posting

Before You Write Your Post
*Finding, Researching and Contacting Hosts
*Where Are All the Hosts?
*Do Your Research
*Site Statistics
*Other Things to Consider

Contacting the Blogger
*A Note

Writing Your Post
*When Words Count: The Importance of Word Count in Your Post
*What if You Go Long?
*Short Shorts
*That Being Said…
*Selling Your Book Without Selling
*Crafting a Catchy Title
*Catering to the Blog
*FAQ: Is Using a Guest Post More Than Once Okay?

Emailing the Host
*What to Include in the Host Email
*Book Cover and Author Pictures
*Book Synopsis
*Author Biography
*Links to Your Website(s), Blog(s), Etc.
*A Note

The Post is Up!
*What to Do After the Post is Live
*Announce Your Post
*Email Your Friends
*Online Groups and Message Boards
*Other Social Networking Sites
*Your Blog

Stop by the Blog!

The Do and Don’t List

Great Guest Posts
*Read and Learn

Guest Post Ideas

So You’ve Written a Guest Post
*Things to Remember

*Approx. 9500 words

Available from:
Barnes and Noble


Although it is written for authors, there is much to be gained from this book for anyone who might benefit from guest blogging. Bloggers, artists, marketers, or just about anyone else will find this book helpful, even though some of it will need to be adapted for your unique situation. Personally, McDougall has given me the courage to consider doing some guest blogging to promote my own blog and given me insight that will be invaluable when I do.

~ Nathaniel LaClaire “Nate”

Jaime approaches the Guest Post topic in an easy format with concise explanations, examples and suggestions. I can say that as a reviewer (and publisher) I would love to see authors read and follow this informative guide. I know from experience as a reviewer and as a small publisher, with new and backlist authors, that it is surprising how many authors have no clue what it takes to promote their book. The publisher hopefully will give help in promoting but the larger burden these days falls on the author. The bottom line of success may well be a result of the author’s own efforts to promote their book.

~ MSEReads



So You Want an Online Book Tour

With the new world of publishing comes a new world of promoting your books!

So You Want an Online Book Tour starts with what online book tours are and ends at a link index of online tour companies, book trailer makers and more. It takes you through all the steps of coordinating an online book tour – whether you decide you want to coordinate your own or work with a publicist to create a tour.

Inside you will find:

*So You Want an Online Book Tour
Why I Wrote This eBook
The Secret
What You Will Find in This eBook
A Note

*What is an Online Book Tour?
Types of Posts
Other Stops
Types of Tours
FAQ: Can I Copy and Paste Answers to Similar Interview Questions?

*What is an Online Book Tour Company?
What They Will (and Won’t) Promise
When You Sign Up
Refund Policies
FAQ: Do I Have Any Say in Where My Book is Placed?
FAQ: Can I Get an Invoice?

*Comparing Companies
All-Submissions Companies
Genre-Specific Companies
‘In House’ Blogs

*Before Your Tour
Your Media Kit
Book Cover and Author Pictures
Book Synopsis
Author Biography
Links to Your Website(s), Blog(s), Etc.
A Note

*Before Your Tour II
Guest Posts
Love Your Calendar
One Day Blog Blast

*Coordinating Your Tour
Where Are All the Hosts?
Do Your Research
Site Statistics
Other Things to Consider

*Contacting Tour Hosts

*Emailing the Host

*During Your Tour
Announce Your Schedule
Podcasts, Chats and Time Zones
What to Do After a Post Goes Live
Stop By the Blog!
The Thing About Comments
FAQ: What If a Stop Doesn’t Happen?

*After the Tour

*What’s Next?
The Big Secret

*Link Index

~Approx. 13900 words

Available from:
Barnes and Noble


I’ve just published my book and this was a vital piece of reading! I had no idea there was so much involved, and Jaime McDougall writers in a really easy to read, clear way.

The information and advice in this book is invaluable. I recommend it to any author wondering about getting out there and getting some exposure!

~ Scarlett Archer (Author and Cover Designer)

McDougall adopts a friendly tone as she writes. She guides you on what to do before, during and after a tour. She includes a Link Index for easy access to tour companies, blog directories, podcast/chat/radio sites and book trailer companies. She also includes a FAQ at the end of some chapters that are helpful. Best of all McDougall is honest and this allows for the author to decide what is best in his case–to go at it solo or to hire the services of an online book tour company.

If you are an author contemplating an online book tour or you’re a book blogger who wants to know more about online book tours, this book is a good guide.

~ Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

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