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Not the Best Start to 2015

One of my goals (not resolution, as I started in 2014) is to be more organised with my blogging. I’ve printed out monthly calendars, created a section per blog, bound them all, etc.

Today is the first day I’ve really made the time to dig into what I want to do on this site in 2015. Regular posts, one-off topics I want to write about and so on. I went scrolling through my past posts only to find that I had a total of 99 posts on this site.

That didn’t sound right, so I investigated.

Lo and behold, I have somehow managed to lose two years worth of posts. Somehow.


To be honest, I’m perplexed but not heartbroken. I do regularly back up this site, so I might find the lost posts in one of the backups.

Needless to say, however, that this isn’t exactly the best start to 2015…


  1. 04.01.2015    

    Is it the gap between 2009-2012? You can click on older entries at the bottom and go back. You can pick whatever snapshot date you want too.

    Once it’s on the internets, it stays on the internets, whether it be old blog posts or pictures of BeyoncĂ© looking scary angry. >8[

    Many people use news aggregators like the now defunct google reader. I like feedly myself. These usually download or cache or whatever the pages somewhere. I checked but I don’t think I was subscribed back then. Wayback machine seems to have everything though.


    • JM (FictionScribe) JM (FictionScribe)

      Thanks, Don. That’s the exact gap. Funny how that works. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t think of it.

      I’m a Feedly fan, too. I haven’t found anything that I like more.

      Thanks again. Cheers.

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