Creative minds are rarely neat...

It’s a Heatwave…


Sometimes you have to go old school.

I hate to call it ‘old school’ because it’s not. Not really. There is something that happens with writing long hand that doesn’t happen with typing. I will often go to writing long hand to work on scenes that I’m having trouble with for that very reason. There are actual parts of the brain that become engaged when you’re writing that don’t when you are typing.

Anyway, I needed to go paper and pencil this past week because we’ve been melting in Australia.

That’s right. Melting.

We had five days of 40C+ temperatures (104F), most of which settled in at 43C (109.4F). My office doesn’t have air conditioning, so I spent as much of the past week as I could hiding in my bedroom with all my notes and such.

One must do what one must do.

Dark Echoes still isn’t finished, but I can see the faintest glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I have been having some big issues with this one (oh, hello Doubt and Fear) hence the delay. But chocolate makes everything better.

I still have a review of Grammarly coming up as well as a ‘weekly’ post series that I am looking at reviving. More soon.

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