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A New Year, A New Novel

Despite my best intentions, Fading Echoes finished much in the style of the first book, Echo Falls: on New Year’s Eve.

In 2010, I typed the final words of Echo Falls only a few minutes before the clock struck 12 and we entered into 2011. This year I did a little better, finishing mid-afternoon and having time for some edits before we went out to celebrate.

I’ve edited the first draft, given it a new ending, and even worked on some minute polishing things. Now I’ve handed Fading Echoes over to The Bloke for his round of edits. I’ll go through them and then pass the novel over to my professional editor for a final polish.

I’m very excited, but I am feeling a little strange about saying goodbye to Echo Falls. Yes, there are more edits to come, formatting, and the like, but the huge task of writing is finished.

Here I am.

I’ve begun putting away all my notes for Fading Echoes, and I can’t stop looking back over all the places the novel has taken me. It started out with an awkward twenty-something woman and a doctor who refused to keep one name, and it turned into a novel that took me through learning about computer worms, the lifestyle of a doctor, bullet wounds and much more. I never could have predicted the journey, but it has been amazing.

Where do I go from here?

To the third novel. I know I am getting ahead of myself seeing as Fading Echoes isn’t published yet, but I can hear all new characters knocking around in my brain as they wait for me to start telling their stories. I have plenty of ideas, so there are no troubles there. It’s merely a matter of picking one…

Here is to a whole new adventure in 2013!

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