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Going Free on KDP

To celebrate the upcoming release of Fading Echoes, I put the ebook version of Echo Falls for free on using KDP Select.

Over 11,000 people around the world downloaded it.

KDP Select is something I had avoided for a long time because it wasn’t fair to other retailers, so on and so forth. But I realised that Echo Falls wasn’t selling from those other retailers. I then faced the dilemma that many authors face: give into ‘the man’ or stand on principal alone and miss the benefits of setting my book free on Amazon.

To be honest, I didn’t know that there would be any benefits. I did know, though, that it wouldn’t hurt me in the least to take Echo Falls off other websites and to put it on KDP Select. I also knew that it had the potential to help, a lot, because I could then set it free for five days.

So I took the plunge.

Now, 11,000 might not be the free download numbers of some people, but I am thrilled. I never imagined such a response. I thought, briefly, that it would be nice to offer Echo Falls for free. Not only to lead up to the release of Fading Echoes but also because people have been patient during the big editing delay that happened last month. I wanted to say thank you.

I am not only thrilled that 11,000 people now have Echo Falls but also that people around the world have it. People have downloaded it in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain and even Japan! Japan! Fantastic. I am so thrilled.

For me, the decision to go Select was an easy one to make. And yes, the downloads have translated into sales. I’m sitting on about four sales per day so far this month, and I am very happy with that. Sure, I’m not happy about cutting off other retailers, but I support them with other titles and with my purchases. When I am in a better position, I’ll probably opt back out of Select.

But for now? For now, I am enjoying having readers around the world.

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