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Gifts for Writers

It happens so subtly at first. You’re sitting back after your large Thanksgiving meal (if you’re in the States) and it’s in the back of your mind at first. Then, bam! You realize.

It’s now officially Christmas season.

What to get? Shopping to do, another big meal to plan, will he really mind socks for the third year in a row or do you have time to think of a ‘real’ gift for him?

Calm down. It’s not time to panic.

If you have a writer in your life (or someone who fancies him/herself as a writer) I have a few gift ideas for you.

Do you have a poet in your life? Then check out This is a great site with a lot of merchandise ranging from books to clothing to bags. Not only that, they have a “Priced Under $20” section that will make anyone with a budget sigh with relief.

If the writer in your life prefers the ‘finer’ writing things in life, then you should check out This is one cool site. We’re talking quills, inkwells, calligraphy sets… You can even get an embosser, which is really cool but rather pointless if you’re at all like me. But it’s still awesome. has to be one of the coolest online shops I’ve found. I never got into the whole magnepoem thing, but this site has a lot more than that, including word buttons, word beads, and word stamps. It’s worth a look at the very least. I think someone needs to by me this shirt (on the right). It’s just…perfect, don’t you think? Or the shirt that says: “Careful, or you’ll end up in my NOVEL.” If you need some nice gifts that are fun and not usually expensive, go to Café Press and search “writers” or “writing”. There is so much fun stuff there, you might just find yourself giving yourself a few presents this year.

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