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Dusting Off the Blog

Has it truly been more than a month since I posted here?

In some ways, it seems longer than that. My writing life has taken a beating lately with my needing to find ways around vertigo and depression. While I can manage longer on the computer these days, it seems I am not yet fully recovered from the random dizziness that comes and goes as it pleases.

In other ways, it doesn’t seem that long. I have kept up with my writing, though more of it has been longhand than typing. I have even joined a local creative writing course to dust off the student side of writing. I think I have let the learning the craft side of things slide for way too long, and though the course isn’t even halfway through, I am looking for other courses to take after this one finishes up.

Now that I am back in action here, I will be doing more fiddling with the website. It’s still not quite where I want it to be, so hopefully I can get everything sorted with limited hiccups.

I’m also prepping for my Bewitching Book Tours Online Book Tour in June. Please click on the link to sign up and participate!

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