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Dark Echoes Progress

So CloseWell, despite pulling some multi-thousand word days, I wasn’t able to finish Dark Echoes before 2014 rolled around. Part of me is disappointed, as both Echo Falls and Fading Echoes were finished mere hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve in previous years. It seemed an odd tradition, but a tradition nonetheless.

But, part of me is okay. Dark Echoes is a different book to the first two in many ways, and I don’t mind taking more time to get things right. Lily is a lot angrier than Phoebe and Charlotte. The overall tone of the book is darker with the grittier side of Echo Falls – and its inhabitants – coming into play. Where illness stopped the writing process in early 2013, now a dedication to detail is slowing me.

That’s not a bad thing, but people are beginning to wonder where the book is.

I may have promised someone earlier that I would have the book finished by next Friday, though, so it’s time for me to put my word count where my mouth is and pull some more marathon days. I want to post more here, but the next week may still be a little quiet.

Until the next post…

(PS. The image is a glimpse from Scrivener. I am close to the end!)

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