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Cover Reveal! Check Out Fading Echoes


In a town full of werewolves and legends, Charlotte Peterson is unique. As the first ‘pure-bred’ werewolf in Echo Falls, she struggles to fit in even amongst her pack.

When Dr. Adam Baker arrives in town, Charlotte is forced to balance their growing friendship with her need to keep the pack’s secrets – and her own. But she is not the only one keeping secrets and Adam’s past could threaten them all.

That is not the only danger. Compass, the genetic research company intent on isolating the ‘werewolf gene’, will do whatever it takes to gain the final advantage over all werewolves. Compass CEO Calvin Stephens has a very special plan in mind for Charlotte…

Time is running out for Charlotte and the pack as Calvin’s plans near completion. In a town where secrecy is the key to survival, can Charlotte trust Adam to help her? Or has she revealed the deadliest secret of them all?

I love this cover! Cohesion Editing and Proofreading did an amazing job with taking ideas out of my mind and putting them into a beautiful cover.

I don’t have a firm release date for the book yet, but that will be coming soon!


  1. 14.02.2013    

    What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL cover!

  2. 15.02.2013    

    Love the cover. They did a great job. You know, you have to share these things. How else can I help you spread the word? Posted this cover at three of my blogs. :) Congrats, sweetie.

  3. JM JM

    Thank you both for stopping by. I am so happy with this cover. :)

    Thank you for the help, Cheryl. Social media sharing is always appreciated. At the moment, I think ‘the word’ will have to float in stasis until I get the book in print.

  4. I love the cover and excited to read this!!

  5. Jaime Jaime

    Thank you Kathleen. I am eager to get it in print!

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