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simpsonsmallsquare1“My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.” – Thomas Paine

I consider myself to be a citizen of the world, currently loving life in beautiful country Victoria in Australia. I love a lot of things, includeing eating sushi, kidnapping my husband and naming my pets in honour of science fiction authors. (So far, Asimov the cat, the dog Brin and the puppy Zenna.)

A love of fiction has always coursed through my veins and I told stories as a child even before I knew how to write them. My earliest written story was a page long and featured my next oldest brother blowing up the world with a nuclear fart.

That went over well.

Settling into one genre has never been my style. I love many genres and enjoy writing in them. I have plans for novels in women’s fiction, urban fantasy and more – all with a touch of romance.

Life has taken me on a wild ride so far and I don’t have the faintest clue where I’ll go from here, but I do know writing and authors will always be a part of it.

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Why did you move to Australia?

That’s a story better told over a couple drinks rather than posted on a blog.

Why do you call yourself a ‘citizen of the world’?

The most important part of this is that one reads the entire quote: “I am a citizen of the world, and my religion is to do good.” From that perspective, I view it as an adult version of the golden rule. I don’t want to be held to one country as my background – as much as I regard Australia as my forever home – nor do I want to be held to any other labels. I want to be a good person, a wanderer, and someone who embraces different backgrounds.

Why don’t you write about Australia?

I’m sure Australia makes its way into my writing sometimes, but, on the whole, I haven’t had the chance to. Yet. I do have a series of Australian-based books in mind. I have to wrap up Echo Falls first.

Do you believe in werewolves?

I believe that this is more to this world than we can understand with our senses alone.

When is the next book coming out?

I am loosely throwing out there that I would like Echo Falls book three, tentatively named Silent Echoes, out before the end of this year. Whether that can happen or not is another story.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

Mostly timing and control. I didn’t want to be one of many to a big corporation, stuck to a timetable not of my own making. Yes, self-publishing is expensive if you give it your all to present a good book. However, being able to control the stages as well as learn new things has made it all worth it.

Why do you name your pets after science fiction authors?

Why don’t you?

How and why do you kidnap your husband?

Occasionally I use force and tell him to get in the car. Other times I leave a series of clues for him so he has to roam around whatever city in order to find me and whatever surprises I have planned.

It’s fun. You should try it.

Are you really addicted to chocolate?


What is your very mild superpower?

Remembering unimportant details like what someone was wearing or where they were sitting during an argument. Whether I remember the argument is a toss up.

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  1. 18.04.2010    

    I hope things are going well for you. I’ve noticed you haven’t scheduled the InkyBlots Blog Carnival in several weeks. I’m still submitting though.

    Life in the First Draft is an excellent site! I’ll be sure to check in often.

  2. JM JM

    Thank you for your concern, Missy. :) Moving was a bit harder on my schedule than I anticipated, but things are back to normal, now! I appreciate your submissions.

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