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All the Ideas…

I was cleaning in our spare room the other day in an effort to make room for the new elliptical and get rid of the masses of junk we have in there. While going through my things, I found my old journal from my early teenage years. Of course I couldn’t just put it aside for the moment and continue cleaning…

Reading through, I found an entry with something that made me laugh out loud:

“I’ve been writing a lot lately. I have so many ideas – I don’t know how I’ll be able to write them all! I don’t know how people ever get writer’s block. I have too many ideas.”

From the mouths of babes, hm?

Think about it: When (if) you have been writing stories since childhood, do you remember ever getting writer’s block as a child?

Obviously, from this diary, I certainly didn’t. If anything, I had more ideas than I had time to deal with – even during school vacation when I was still too young to legally work.

I recently had a story idea flood from attending Conflux and it’s a good thing I finally have a system for those things. I couldn’t help but think about the past months of struggling to find a balance between paying the bills and being able to maintain my creative writing.

I didn’t worry about that as a kid. I just wrote. Whenever, wherever – I just wrote my heart out.

Perhaps I needed to find my old journal and read that entry. Maybe taking a few lessons from my younger self is the key I’ve been looking for…

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