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Gifts for Writers

It happens so subtly at first. You’re sitting back after your large Thanksgiving meal (if you’re in the States) and it’s in the back of your mind at first. Then, bam! You realize.

It’s now officially Christmas season.

What to get? Shopping to do, another big meal to plan, will he really mind socks for the third year in a row or do you have time to think of a ‘real’ gift for him?

Calm down. It’s not time to panic.

If you have a writer in your life (or someone who fancies him/herself as a writer) I have a few gift ideas for you.

Do you have a poet in your life? Then check out This is a great site with a lot of merchandise ranging from books to clothing to bags. Not only that, they have a “Priced Under $20” section that will make anyone with a budget sigh with relief.

If the writer in your life prefers the ‘finer’ writing things in life, then you should check out This is one cool site. We’re talking quills, inkwells, calligraphy sets… You can even get an embosser, which is really cool but rather pointless if you’re at all like me. But it’s still awesome. has to be one of the coolest online shops I’ve found. I never got into the whole magnepoem thing, but this site has a lot more than that, including word buttons, word beads, and word stamps. It’s worth a look at the very least. I think someone needs to by me this shirt (on the right). It’s just…perfect, don’t you think? Or the shirt that says: “Careful, or you’ll end up in my NOVEL.” If you need some nice gifts that are fun and not usually expensive, go to Café Press and search “writers” or “writing”. There is so much fun stuff there, you might just find yourself giving yourself a few presents this year.

Writing Needs

You sit down to write wearing ____ with ____ in view, ____ on your music player and a bowl/plate of ____ to one side just in case you feel a bit hungry while you’re writing.

Does this sound at all like you?

And we wonder where the stereotypical writer with a glass of bourbon (a bottle if he’s been published a few times) to one side and a cigarette (unlit if the muse has taken over for a brief, blissful moment) in his mouth.

Many writers, to write, feel the need to have their favourite pen in hand or absolutely have to have that bowl of M&Ms nearby for that chocolate/sugar fix when the going gets tough.

My thing used to be that I wrote longhand and I needed to write with the same pen through the whole thing until the pen ran out of ink. If I lost this pen (which only happened a couple times before I realized how stupidly uncomfortable it made me), I would not write until I found the pen again.

I think my family should have feared more for my sanity than their reputations when they figured out I’m a writer. (Frankly, their reputation had been screwed quite thoroughly long before I took pen to paper.)

Most of us have our habits, whether they’re like my old pen habit (oh, did I mention I had to write stories, no matter how many pens ran out, in the same colour ink from beginning to end?), the spaces we need to write, the music, the noise, or whatever else.

If you need things that don’t involve things like ritual sacrifice, then habits are fine. We all have them.
What are your writing habits? What do you ‘need’ to write? What makes your writing experience feel ‘not quite right’ without it?

The Dreaded Rewrites…

With all class-related things taken care of and Christmas only starting to ramp up, I find myself in a time gap where I can finally dig into my edits.

Editing is something I have always loved. Whether I was looking over someone’s essay for class or tearing apart my carefully constructed novel, I almost always had editing on the brain. Now I find my love is still here, but the amount of editing I have to do in Fading Echoes is intimidating.

The novel topped out at a few thousand words short of 120,000 words, and a large amount of that needs to be rewritten. For the better, of course. A better ending that gives the hero, Adam, more time to shine – and gives the villain more time as well. But even knowing that the rewrite will be beneficial doesn’t change the fact that I will be changing my ‘darling’.

That’s the way it works. Even when I rewrite and edit again, there will be more changes to be made under the eyes of a professional editor. Such is the writer’s life…

Is anyone else out there editing right now? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Let the Edits Begin!

Classes have finished and I am ready to roll.

To be honest, I have a lot of rewriting to do. My last quarter of the book needs to be almost completely changed. I know the changes are for the better, which is perhaps why I am regarding them happily instead of gloomily.

I’m not keen on making people wait much longer for the book, but I won’t sacrifice a better storyline for the sake of being faster. If only I had more hours in the day…

As I mentioned, classes are finished. I am planning on being a lot more active here now.



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