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Monthly archives for July, 2012

Lessons Learned

If there is one thing I have learned over that past month, it is that I should never go on an online book tour while I am trying to write a novel.

Though I have enjoyed the tour process, I feel like I could have been more involved. The time difference between the US – where all (if I am correct) my tour stops took place – and Australia is enough to make things like commenting in a timely manner a little difficult.

Add to that my desperate attempts to finish Fading Echoes before my classes start on the 17th, and you have a reciped for ‘yet another’ online book tour instead of one that showed true spark and personality.

I say ‘attempts’ because I have accepted that I will not finish the book by that date. Not for lack of trying. Despite multiple appointments, injuring my shoulder, back and wrist and taking the time for necessities like bathing and eating, I saw Fading Echoes go from strolling along to zooming along. It has been fantastic to know that I can push myself to do as much work as I have been doing.

Were it going to total out at 60,000 words, as I originally anticipated, I would have no problem meeting my goal and doing it early. But at nearly 47,000 words and not having met the halfway point as far as scene count goes… Well, I am now looking at 80,000, but I would not be surprised to go further.

As much as I would like to think I could type more than 5,000 word a day for the next week, my very real risk of doing lasting damage to my shoulder and/or wrist makes me cautious.

I am still quite determined to have Fading Echoes done before my birthday next month, but I also hesitate to make any promises given it has been over six years since I have been a full time student.

Typing speed be with me.


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